Apply For A Phone

Looking for a contract phone company with no credit checks? Have your applications for contract phones been denied before? If yes, Aardvark Mobiles is the company that you need. We are established to help our clients get contract phones with no need for credit checks. Our clients can gain access to their favorite phones including the latest mobile phones available in the market. This is all done without the need for a company to peruse through your credit history. You can go through the mobile phone selection made available to select the product best suited for you.

Applying for a contract phone with bad credit

All seeking to get a mobile phone contract for bad credit are required to make a direct application with the networks involved. The only difference when it comes to no credit check contract phones is that a credit check does not influence the decisions revolving around the application. Despite this, there is a need to practice caution and restraint when making an application. This means looking into your financial disposition and making a wise decision on the application to ensure that you are able to pay for the loan asked for.  You need to understand that the rejection of your application just because you sought to get a phone that is way above your financial disposition will worsen your credit rating.

Getting your hands on your desired phone is very simple. This is possible through the following steps:

  • Identify the network you want to use
  • Identify your desired phone from the options available
  • Make an application for the contract phone and submit
  • Wait for response from the network company
  • When approved, wait for the delivery of the phone to the address provided

Mobiles and credit

Pre pay mobile phones are usually the best ways of phone ownership for individuals who have previously had a bad credit rating. No credit check contract phones offer the best platform for those who have a good history in making payment of outstanding debts and sites like ours have a good reputation of providing such contract phones. However, on careful selection of a reasonably priced contract, an individual with a bad credit rating may be able to use this opportunity to amend their credit rating history. This is through taking offers that they can easily meet in terms of payment. This is usually referred to as bad credit options. Companies like Orange Network, T-Mobile, and Access Phone among others offer these opportunities

In the early years, no credit check mobile phone companies like UtilityWareHouse offered people with bad credit an opportunity to access cheap phones at expensive contracts. At present, Aardvark Mobiles has changed all that to much newer terms. Despite the fact that the laws require all applicants for phone contracts to have a background credit check conducted, this has not been a form of bad news to our clients. We have plenty of options available for individuals with bad credit rating, CJJ, or rejections by other companies. As an applicant with a negative report, Aardvark Mobiles is ready to offer you an alternative contract that will enable you to meet the payment obligations attached and in result improve your credit rating. Despite the bad credit rating and CJJ, you have the best chance of having your application accepted when you use Aardvark Mobile.