Apply For A Phone


It is easy to find contract phones that are marked for individuals that do not have appealing credit scores. With the advancement in technology in the current era, you can find a variety of functional lower cost smart phones that can give you the features availed by the latest smart phones in the market. You can easily find a phone that is able to let you access different social media platforms or the web while paying a modest fee of 10 monthly.

You will find our phone options divided into three groups. These are band 1, band 2, and band 3. The classification is made according to the contract value available. Band 1 phones are best for individuals who have a bad credit rating. They are low price phones which relates to low monthly repayments for the phones. Application for these contract phones avails you the no credit check privilege. Depending on the severity of the clients' credit rating, one with a bad credit rating may be approved for band 2 contract phones.

As regards band 3 mobile phones, credit checks are conducted on the applicants. Phones classified under band 3 are designed for applicants with good credit rating. When one with a bad credit rating applies for the band 3 phones, their applications are mainly rejected.