Apply For A Phone

Can I get a contract phone even with a bad credit?

Yes, it is possible to get a contract phone even with a bad credit. Deals that match your ability are sought and offered to you giving you the opportunity to get a deal that matches your financial position. When making an application, it is advisable to select affordable mobile contracts so as to enjoy the high approval rates offered to clients.

Is it mandatory to check my credit score before applying?

Yes. It is good to know your credit history before seeking to make applications for financial debt obligations. This may help you learn of any debts that you may not have been aware of and try to clear these before making any further applications. Clearing with the financial institution will work at repairing your credit rating thus heightening your chances of getting the best deal. This move will also help you know where you stand and the deals which when you apply, you have a higher approval chance.

What do I need before applying for a contract?

There are overall eligibility requirements needed on each applicant. These include:

  • You should be a UK resident
  • You should be 18 years or above
  • You should have a permanent address of residency
  • You should be affiliated to a banking institution

How can I get approved on my contract phone application?

You need to apply for a contract that matches your disposition to get an approval. Individuals with a good credit rating and the ability to pay for new released phones in the market can apply for band 3 phones while those who have a record of bad credit rating should apply for cheaper phones in the market ads they rebuild their credit rating. This will sure guarantee success in approval of the application. New released smart phones usually require a higher monthly payment than that of ordinary handsets that are able to offer many services to the mobile user.

Is it really possible to have a phone contract with no credit checks run on me?

Yes. With Aardvark Mobiles, it is possible to have a phone contract with no credit checks run on you. These contracts are usually recommended for those who have tried making application to one or several other companies but got a decline. It is good to remember that this operation is highly priced that an application that has credit check run on the applicant.

Can I get a 100% approval assurance from Aardvark Mobiles?

Yes, it is possible. Our SIM only contracts have a 100% approval rates on clients with both good and bad credit rating. This means that if you are seeking for 100% approval rate, you should look for the SIM only contract offers. However, for individuals with a good credit rating and who exhibit the ability to meet the monthly payment, they are assured of the 100% approval on many of the mobile contracts available through Aardvark Mobiles.

Which network can offer me the best acceptance rates?

Different networks usually offer different acceptance rates all through a year. This means that the best offer at any one time depends on what the network company has to offer its clients. The acceptance rates usually differ depending on the offers the network provides thus making it difficult to state the precise network that offers the best acceptance rates at all times.

Is it possible to get a new phone which I can pay for monthly without having to get a mobile contract?

Yes. This is possible when you look for phones on finance. These are usually available through online stores and catalogues in the UK. You can easily get a phone without a contract linked to the phone. You however need to be tactful when looking for such an offer since it may be very costly. You should shop around first before you decide to settle on an offer.

At what point can I be allowed to upgrade my SIM only contract?

It is possible to upgrade a SIM only contract after the end of the contract. SIM only contracts are usually short term lasting from between 1 month to 12 months. If you feel that you will have a need to upgrade a contract, it is advisable to take a short term contract. Taking a contract that lasts 12 or 24 months means that you will have to wait for the expiry of the contract to be able to upgrade the contract.