Apply For A Phone


There are numerous different acceptance rates associated with contract mobiles. You can take a look at the offers available to find the best one that works for your needs. With Aardvark Mobiles, you get the opportunity to choose the best acceptance rates. For individuals with a bad credit rating, there are a few simple rules that need to be followed. These rules usually apply when selecting a UK mobile network. These options include:

  1. Apply for a contract whose monthly cost is going to be affordable. When you have a bad credit score, many network firms will look at you as someone who may not be able to handle huge monthly payments comfortably. Taking a contract from band 1 or 2 phones reveals that you are taking an offer whose payment you can comfortably meet.
  2. It is best to make an application directly to the network firm rather than use retailers to get a contract. Taking your way through to the companies directly will mean that that it is easy to get a contract when you have a bad credit rating than it is when using retailers. This is especially the case since the retailers expect to get their payments from the network firm.
  3. The measure to which your application is filled and the details in the application determine the acceptance rate. Falsified information is a trigger to a rejected application. Any sign of falsified information reveal you as an individual that cannot be trusted even with an affordable contract.
  4. If your application was rejected before by another company, let some time pass by before making another application. While we guarantee higher acceptance rates, declines usually have a negative impact on a borrower's credit rating. Letting 2 weeks or a month pass by before making an application will help towards the acceptance of your application.

If you have a bad credit rating and have a phone that you like you can choose the SIM only contract. This contract usually has the best rated acceptance rates across all network companies. It also offers the applicant an opportunity to improve their credit rating. SIM only contracts allow the applicant to get a network contract that does not involve the issuance of a new phone. The applicants can remain using their old phones while paying for the contract and rebuilding their credit history. They can thereafter upgrade the contracts taken while having an improved credit rating having acquired a better financial discipline in making payments.