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SIM only contracts are the best option for individuals with a bad credit rating. For these, no credit checks are necessary. The applicant to SIM only contract is limited to the use of the network providing the services until the outstanding payment is cleared.

The use of SIM only contracts offers a platform for those with bad credit rating to bounce back to a good financial standing. This contract helps them access an offer that will need low monthly repayment for the services offered. The applicant is guaranteed an approval and the monthly installments are rather low. The amount is designed to discipline the applicant back into good repayment habits. With good repayment, the applicant is able to repair their credit rating position which will start to move to the positive.

SIM only contracts are available for flexible time periods ranging from monthly to yearly offers. Caution is needed when looking into the SIM only contracts to ensure that you get the best deals. Since these contracts are the best for individuals with a bad credit rating, you can be sure to find the best offer that suits your needs.